Service - Capture IR


Warranty Period
1 year from date of purchase with sales receipt

Warranty repairs are not eligible for this discount.
Customers who select the Fix-with-New option are eligible to purchase our products direct from us at a 25% discount off retail price. Orders must be placed at the time the RMA is issued. Shipping/handling charges are added to all orders as shown on the shipping page. Wisconsin residents must add 5.5% sales tax.

Warranty Service Product/ Description Model Retail Price Price
Repair (if possible) Service Product 1132 n/a $0
Replace (if not repairable) Reconditioned 1132RC n/a $0
Non-Warranty Service Product/ Description Model Retail Price Price
Repair Service Product 1132 n/a Click here
Fix-with-New Ambush IR 1187 $200 $100.00
Fix-with-New Ambush Black Flash 1194 $200 $100.00
Fix-with-New Ambush 1187 $200 $100.00
Fix-with-New Attack IR 1156 $250 $125.00
Fix-with-New Attack Black Flash 1163 $280 $140.00
Fix-with-New Attack 1149 $230 $115.00
Fix-with-New Seen 1217 $170 $85.00

Order Services

Order non-warranty service online to receive a free Genius Mount!



Shipping Policy and Fees
Shipping to and from Cuddeback.

What is "no longer serviceable?"
This indicates that we can no longer get parts for these products and therefore we can not service them. For these products we recommend the "fix-with-new" option.

What is fix-with-new?
Instead of repairing an outdated, obsolete product, we allow a customer to trade in their older product for a newer model at a reduced price.

For products that are out of warranty we recommend our Fix-With-New™ program. We have learned that most customers prefer we replace a defective or damaged product with a new product, instead of repairing the product. The new product is going to have better performance, be more reliable, and last much longer than an older product that has been repaired. The average cost to repair a camera is about $100 for parts and labor, will have a 3 month warranty, and takes about 3 months to turn around. The Fix-With-New program allows us to return a product back to you within 48 hours and includes a full new product warranty.

Should I repair my camera?
We do not recommend repairing your camera for various reasons.

  1. The time to service and test your camera can be as long as 3 months.
  2. Because the camera is not factory new we can only warrant the service for 90 days.
  3. We feel our fix-with-new program, which is about the same cost, is a better choice as you will get a factory sealed product with full warranty. These products even qualify for our free extended warranty which gives you an 18 month warranty.