Parts - Capture Family

Spare PartsPart #Price Quantity
CuddeSafe Screws (quantity 2) P102 $1.00
Star Screws P103 $5.00
Window kit
(Includes P153, P154, P303, P306, P307, P309, P311)
K104 $10.00
Front cover assembly - Capture
(Includes K104 & P304 installed on front cover)
K106 $10.00
Front cover assembly - Capture IR
(Includes all parts installed on front cover)
K107 $10.00
Mounting strap P150 $2.00
Fresnel Lens, Center Angle P153 $0.50
Fresnel lens o-ring P154 $0.50
Cover thumbscrew-coarse
(Begin serial# 2A)
P300 $1.00
Cover thumbscrew-fine
(Begin serial # 0-9)
P300.1 $1.00
Rotary dial (Begin serial# 2A) P301 $1.00
Rotary dial( Begin serial# 0-9) P301.1 $1.00
Metal tree bracket w/screw
(Begin serial# 2A)
P302 $2.00
Metal tree bracket w/screw
(Begin serial#0-9)
P302.1 $2.00
Fresnel lens retaining ring P303 $1.00
Gasket, housing - foam P304 $1.00
Gasket, housing rope P305 $1.00
Camera window P306 $5.00
Flash lens - Capture P307 $5.00
IR LED window - Capture IR P308 No longer available
Gasket, flash window - Capture P309 $1.00
Gasket, IR LED window - Capture IR P310 No longer available
Gasket, camera window P311 $1.00
Hinge pin w/C-clip P312 $2.00
Firmware on SD Card - Capture FW1125 $15.00
Firmware on SD Card - Capture IR FW1132 $15.00



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